Most of us do want to live our lives from the ‘best version’ of our potential.

At the Best Versions Of Us we provide training that supports you in continuously evolving and reaching new heights of your potential.

With new skills, you will not only thrive in your private life and in your chosen vocation but you will also be able to support others (humans and animals) to live a full life.

So, take your personal wellbeing and your zest for life to a new level and get ready to change the world!


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Self Help with Kinesiology – Workshop

Prevention is better than cure.  In times when the overwhelm of our medical system is steadily growing, it’s up to us to keep ourselves healthy in the body and mind.  Preventing illness rather than having to go to the hospital for a cure.

The objective of this class is to provide a handy ‘pick me up’ self-help tool that anyone can use to improve physical health and emotional wellbeing on a daily basis. It consists of two 40-min sessions per day over 3 consecutive days. 

It also includes a bonus 30-min individual support session after the completion of the class.

View Events for the next workshops. 

Time for the bonus session will be individually arranged.

Prepare yourself to know how to support yourself and your loved ones through these challenging times.

Cost $55


Introduction to Kinesiology

If you are curious about kinesiology, where it came from, what it can do, how it can be applied in your life… come to this introductory workshop conveniently spread over 2 short evenings and attractively priced.

In this workshop you will:

  • understand the origins of kinesiology;
  • learn the principles of the 5,000-year old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that underlines kinesiology work;
  • experience subtle energy ways of influencing physical reality;
  • learn and practice selected kinesiology techniques that you can use in your life to manage stress and enhance your wellbeing.

The structure of this workshop is designed to give you the highest possible retention of the material learned. And thus, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of what you learn over an extended period of time.


2 evenings (6:30-9pm) once a week for 2 consecutive weeks    $57

Touch For Health (IKC Certification)

In 1970 Dr John Thie (Californian chiropractor) created a simplified version of Applied Kinesiology and called it Touch For Health (TFH). Having seen how much Applied Kinesiology can help his patients, Dr Thie made it his mission to make many of these techniques accessible to all people.  To study and use Applied Kinesiology one had to be a qualified medical doctor.  But the simplified TFH is available to all people for self-care and for helping family members and friends.  And today, TFH has become one of the most widespread self-help skills in the Western world.


TFH is a powerful tool for enhancing one’s health and vitality, dealing with physical pain, and healing of emotional strains.

Anyone can learn TFH and use it to deal with every day aches and pains, increasing one’s own energy and focus, facilitating integration of new information, and attaining new heights in one’s own personal best.


Touch For Health consists of 4 modules (TFH1-4), each involving 16 hours of training. These can be taken separately or as a series of 4 (called TFH Synthesis). Even just completing the first module, a person is able to start using TFH techniques to help themselves, family and friends. With each unit students gain deeper understanding of theory and principles as well as increase their range of techniques.

At the successful completion TFH Synthesis, students are able to register with the International Kinesiology College (IKC) and work with general public using Touch For Health techniques.

The class follows the internationally agreed standard syllabus approved by International Kinesiology College (IKC).

Single Module TFH:         2 days (16h)          $450

TFH Synthesis:                 8 days (64h)          $1550


Love Your Pet with Kinesiology

This workshop is aimed at supporting those people who care enough about their pets to explore fresh, new ways of looking after their optimal health and wellbeing.

It can be used on any type of animal – from elephant to ladybug.

This is an introduction to the powerful energy healing modality – kinesiology. It is designed specifically for people who want to help animals.

To do this workshop you either need to have completed the Introduction to Kinesiology workshop or gain an approval from the instructor (eg because of your previous qualifications).

In this workshop you will:

  • refresh the principles of the art of the Traditional Chinese Medicine that underlines kinesiology work;
  • learn how to muscle test;
  • discover how to work through a surrogate protocol;
  • learn specific kinesiology techniques that were proven particularly potent when working with animals;
  • extensively practice kinesiology techniques and use of the surrogacy protocol.


This is a short and specifically focused workshop aimed at being able to quickly enhance wellbeing of our pets.

You can learn more techniques and deepen your understanding on how to use kinesiology to work with animals and humans in the Touch For Health modules.

2 Days (14h)     $375

Introduction to Hypnosis

Learn the basis of what makes hypnosis work and how to use it for yourself, your family and your friends.  Great fun to do it and a great tool to use for the rest of your life.

1 day (8h)  $185

Hypnosis Practitioner Certification

Become a qualified Hypnosis Practitioner. Help yourself and others reach their goals. Understand the incredible power of the Unconscious Mind and learn how to use it to create more health, joy and beauty in the world.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn the history of hypnosis;
  • understand and practice 4 hypnosis styles; and
  • experience the effects of those different styles and scripts.

At the end of this fun filled and therapy infused workshop you will feel fantastic and ready to apply the magic of Hypnosis to nurture yourself and help others.

At the successful completion of this program you will be eligible to be certified as a Hypnosis Practitioner by the American Board of Hypnosis.

3 Days (total of 30h)             $650


Messages from Our Animals – The Workshop

Enlarge your perspective, increase your creativity, and gain greater appreciation of your innate potential.

Sometimes the right perspective is the key to either feeling empowered or helpless.  When you run out of ideas to solve a particularly complex issue do you ask your family or peers for counsel? Have you ever thought of asking an animal?

Just as with De Bono’s Green Hat, when offered a stimulus that is ‘out of ordinary’, we can open up to the possibilities that are also ‘out of ordinary’.  And in this 2-part workshop you can experiment with expanding your horizons and exploring new creative ideas in a supportive environment.  You can experience how a special animal is able to provide an unexpected assistance just when you need it!

Join today and:

  • learn theory behind why this technique works;
  • experience how animals (animals in a picture, imaginary animals, or your own pet) can support you to live from the best version of yourself;
  • have new perspective on at least one of your complex issues;
  • feel empowered with new tools;
  • have fun in the company of other creative individuals!


2 evenings (6pm-8pm) ie 1 evening a week over two consecutive weeks.

Cost: $65


Discounts available for Animal Activists and Animal Foster Carers

Evolve yourself!

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