Most of us do want to live our lives from the ‘best version’ of our potential.

At the Best Versions Of Us we provide training that supports you in continuously evolving and reaching new heights of your potential.

With new skills, you will not only thrive in your private life and in your chosen vocation but you will also be able to support others (humans and animals) to live a full life.

So, take your personal wellbeing and your zest for life to a new level and get ready to change the world!


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Discover Animal Communication

Do you have a pet? Perhaps you regularly work with animals? If so, have you ever felt frustrated or helpless because you couldn’t quite decide what course of action would be the best for your animal? Don’t you wish you could ask them directly how they feel and what they want?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, you will enjoy this foundational workshop about animal communication where you:

  1. Experience:
    • How to get the most out of the non-verbal cues,
    • How to discern intuitive knowing,
    • How to connect telepathically to an animal.
  2. Understand the difference between those modes of communicating and appreciate when each of these is most useful.
  3. Become aware of any blockages that might be holding you back and create strategy to move forward.
  4. Discover how effortless communication with an animal can be.
  5. Grow your confidence and enjoy new levels of satisfaction.


Please bring a photograph of your animal. Try to bring one where your animal is looking directly at the camera.

For further information check our Events or contact us via email or phone 0415 29 83 83

No Prerequisites

In Person Workshop

Investment: 1 day and $249

Online Live Workshop

Investment: 3 sessions of 2.5 hours over 2 days and $199

Advanced Animal Communication for Humans

Polish your animal communication skills and grow your confidence as an animal communicator in short 5 weeks. In this online advanced animal communication course each week you will:

  • Practice communicating with two new animals
  • Receive a comprehensive feedback about the animal and your communication
  • Learn new strategies and new shortcuts for:
    • Getting yourself in an optimal state for communication
    • Encouraging an animal to feel safe and reveal more details
    • Thinking on your feet and be able to explore options neither you not the animal guardian thought of before the communication
  • Explore what it means to act ethically and equitably when communicating with animals.

Imagine yourself growing as a person and as an animal communicator. Imagine easily confirming your hunches and dispelling incorrect deductions. Imagine knowing that your animal is happy and fulfilled. Imagine helping your friends understand their animals better. Book now and follow your dream.

For further information check our Events or contact us via email or phone 0415 29 83 83

Prerequisite: Discover Animal Communication or equivalent

Investment: 5 week commitment; 2.5 hour weekly sessions; 1-1.5 hour home assignments; $299 


Animal Communication Lab

This is a very special immersive workshop. It is conducted on a very large property that looks after over a hundred animals – wild and domesticated. You will spend the entire weekend working with animals of different types, sizes and personalities. In this immersive workshop you will:

  • Put to test your skills in building rapport and trust, in communicating with animals, and in forging new human-animal connections
  • Deepen your connection to this part of you that communicates with other species and be able to connect to it on demand
  • Discover new ways that you can communicate with animals effectively
  • Understand the limitations of conveying non-verbal messages into spoken language and practice conveying animal messages to other humans
  • Learn how to verify the accuracy of the information you receive and convey
  • Deepen your connection to the animals and the land.

In other words, step into the enchanted landscape of this large property and become a member of the extended multispecies family. Be free to be you. Hone your animal communication skills. Reconnect with your passion. And revitalise you body and mind.

For further information contact us via email or phone 0415 29 83 83

Usually conducted on a property 2 hours drive from Sydney. Starts 8am on Saturday, complete on 5pm on Sunday.

Prerequisite: Discover Animal Communication or Equivalent

In Person Only

Everyday Animal Healing Skills

If you, like me, want the best for your animals – you will do your best to offer them the healthiest food, the most comfortable lodgings, the right physical exercise, and lots of mental stimulation.

But have you ever considered supporting your animal on the energy level?

We know than E = mc2 i.e., all is energy! Many indigenous cultures recognised this and developed healing techniques based on re-balancing energy at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels (ie at different energy vibrational frequencies). Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) comes from one of such cultures.

In this workshop you will learn selected kinesiology and acupressure techniques developed from this 5,000-year-old TCM tradition. You will also learn several T-Touch techniques inspired by the Feldenkrais Method.

All these techniques are particularly relevant when dealing with stress and anxiety. Prolonged stress will lead to physical symptoms of illness. With energy techniques we can keep energy in-balance on all levels. When dealing with stress we can re-balance the emotional energy aspects alleviating stress and preventing development of physical symptoms.

In this workshop you will:

  1. Learn and practice key Kinesiology, Acupressure and T-Touch techniques selected for their particular effectiveness for working with animals.

You can use these to support your animals in illness, old age, and through times of distress – such as, moving house, changing the makeup of your family, dealing with separation anxiety, or easing disharmony between existing animals.

  1. Learn and practice working on animals via a human surrogate.

This protocol will allow you to assist animals of any size and regardless whether they are right in front of you or hundreds of miles away.

These skills will be useful to you for many years to come!

Please bring a photograph of your animal or an animal you want to work on. Try to bring one where your animal is looking directly at the camera.

In Person Workshop

Investment: 2 days and $498

Online Live Workshop

Investment: 5 sessions of 2.5 hours over 3 days and $299


Touch for Health 2 (TFH2) graduates are eligible for a discount – please call

Touch For Health (IKC Certification)

In 1970 Dr John Thie (Californian chiropractor) created a simplified version of Applied Kinesiology and called it Touch For Health (TFH). Having seen how much Applied Kinesiology can help his patients, Dr Thie made it his mission to make many of these techniques accessible to all people.  To study and use Applied Kinesiology one had to be a qualified medical doctor.  But the simplified TFH is available to all people for self-care and for helping family members and friends.  And today, TFH has become one of the most widespread self-help skills in the Western world.


TFH is a powerful tool for enhancing one’s health and vitality, dealing with physical pain, and healing of emotional strains.

Anyone can learn TFH and use it to deal with every day aches and pains, increasing one’s own energy and focus, facilitating integration of new information, and attaining new heights in one’s own personal best.


Touch For Health consists of 4 modules (TFH1-4), each involving 16 hours of training. These can be taken separately or as a series of 4 (called TFH Synthesis). Even just completing the first module, a person is able to start using TFH techniques to help themselves, family and friends. With each unit students gain deeper understanding of theory and principles as well as increase their range of techniques.

At the successful completion TFH Synthesis, students are able to register with the International Kinesiology College (IKC) and work with general public using Touch For Health techniques.

The class follows the internationally agreed standard syllabus approved by International Kinesiology College (IKC).

Single Module TFH:         2 days (16h)          $497

TFH Synthesis:                 8 days (64h)          $1597


Meet Your Animal Coach

When you feel stuck, frustrated, unable to move forward with your plans – don’t despair. You might have tried various approaches to solve your problem but have you tried checking it with your animal coach? Yes, an animal coach looks like an animal but communicates like a coach.

If you never heard of animal coaches take this opportunity to get a quick introduction and a comprehensive preview by taking part in this short workshop.

As part of the workshop you will:

  • Work with one of your frustrating setbacks that you want to shift,
  • Experience how to engage with an animal coach and receive helpful and insightful advice about your problem,
  • Learn the theory behind this unique ‘animal coaching’ technique,
  • Explore how you can apply the new guidance from our animal coach to your immediate issue,
  • Observe how that process empowers you and raises your confidence.

You might want – just as many of us – to change our world in some positive way. But ‘changing the world’ is a complex undertaking and full of challenges.

And you probably already know that you have a greater chance to succeed in any endeavour if you are able to tap into a supportive environment. This can be your close friend, a group of like-minded people, your spiritual connection, or… an animal coach! Expand your network of benevolent supporters – join our workshop!

Discover the ever-present support of animals. Tackle each of your obstacles in turn kicking one goal after another and creating the world that you dream of. Set your intention for the highest good. Build up your resourcefulness. Increase your confidence. And most of all – savour the joy of the experience.

In Person Workshop

Investment: ½ day and $99

Online Live Workshop

Investment: 1 sessions of 3 hours and $69


Discounts available for Animal Activists and Animal Foster Carers

Evolve yourself!

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