The Times They Are A-Changin’

By:  Grazyna Witkowska
Date: 30th March 2020


What an exquisitely beautiful creature is a butterfly….

Recently, I visited Kuranda’s Butterfly Sanctuary and was thrilled to see so many butterflies all around me.  Hmm… To think about it, I was also thrilled when I saw butterflies in the gardens of a B&B… and at my friend’s backyard.  Who am I kidding, I am always thrilled to see butterflies – even if there is only one!  Are you?

So why do we love butterflies so much?  Well, they’re beautiful, they’re delicate, they’re graceful… and they like to hang around beautiful flowers!

We also consider them to be a symbol for transformation.  When I see a butterfly, my mood automatically lifts.  I wonder whether this is because I see the butterfly as a harbinger of my ongoing transformation into better and better versions of me?


And you probably already know, the reason a butterfly symbolises transformation to us is that to become a butterfly this creature needs to dissolve completely in her pupa phase in order to transform from her caterpillar form and re-knit herself into a butterfly.

Sure, butterflies change their form more than once: from the egg into a larva (caterpillar), then into a pupa (chrysalis), and only then into a butterfly – the final and very beautiful form.

We too go through many transformations in life.  Some are of ‘larva to caterpillar’ kind of transformations where we just expand and add to our existing life structures, and some are more like the ‘pupa to butterfly’ transformations where old structures have to dissolve before new structures can be built.

This is beneficial.  It has been documented that when we are learning something new, at first, we simply keep adding information to our existing structures of understanding and perception.  Then we hit a point where those existing internal structures can no longer expand and accept new information.  We need to dismantle and restructure them in order to absorb more information and grow.  This is the time when our progress inevitably slows down.  No wonder it does – we have to invest time in creating new internal maps.  But this is a fragile stage when many people give up completely because the slow progress rouses self-doubt about their ability to succeed.  But those who have the commitment, and persist with their task will rebuilt their internal structures and continue to grow in knowledge and understanding.

Have you been in a situation like this where you persisted in your learning despite doubts?

A friend of mine, told me that after completing first year of kinesiology he understood the subject matter very well and had confidence in working with the tools he’d learned in that year.  But later in his studies he found himself overwhelmed, and he begun to question whether this was really the stuff for him.  With a great support from his wife he persisted.  And by the time he completed the fourth year of studies, he says, everything he’d learned since year one took on a completely new meaning.  It was the same material – what changed was his perspective.  He crafted and recrafted his inner perspective as he progressed with his study.  And because of this evolved perspective he was able to relate to what he already knew with a renewed depth of understanding.

And I bet you can relate to this whether you are a musician or an engineer.

Back to our butterfly…. 

Right now, we are facing a transformation of our own. And we are facing it collectively. And it is very much like the one from a pupa to a butterfly. We are asked to self-isolate – to remain in our cocoon. We need to transform because once we survive the world will be a different place. Firstly, we will look at the world through the eyes of a person who went through a pandemic. And the way we do business will also most likely change. For example, if working from home is possible during the pandemic then why not make more people work from home, paying for their own space and electricity and tea!
We are entering the chrysalis stage. Now, we need to allow the old structures of established values, rules, and expectations to dissolve. And as we detach ourselves from the old we can begin to envision new values, outline new rules, and plan possible paths by which this new vision could unfold.

No wonder, I feel as if I am caught in a surrealistic landscape. What used to be certain – is elusive, what seemed solid – suddenly melts like clocks in Dali’s painting. That in itself is unnerving but it gets even scarier as we remember that we are dealing with life and death issues. But as we already know, life goes on. It may not go on in the manner that is familiar but it does go on. This cyclical nature of life has been echoed in many cultures.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine – which kinesiology is based on – there are 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Wood corresponds to spring – a time of new growth. Fire is summer – vibrancy, passion, and the growth of what we planted in the spring. Earth represents late summer – the time of harvest. Metal is autumn, when leaves are returning to the earth to become compost. And water represents winter – when all that is no longer needed is dissolved and washed away.

We are now in the element of Water.  Time to purge what’s no longer serves us – us, as an Earth Collective that includes not only humans but also other animals, plants, and minerals – all our relations.

The element of Water is also associated with fear.  And there is plenty of it right now.  This is only natural: every key moment in life has an element of fear.

Importantly though, this is a cycle and thus after winter comes spring and new birthing.

So, what will we birth, individually and collectively?  How will we reinvent ourselves, how will we knit ourselves into our new form?

If you are the kind of person who wants to change the world this is an auspicious time to put some flesh on your dreams, to prepare yourselves for the new beginnings.  And as you do, remember to stay safe: look after your physical health and support your emotional wellbeing.  In times when the overwhelm of our medical system is steadily growing, it’s up to us to keep ourselves healthy.  Reach out for help if you need it, call your friends, crack a joke, get a distant kinesiology healing, watch an uplifting movie, get a hypnosis recording.

I am here for you if you need a distant kinesiology healing or hypnosis.  And I am in the process of creating a self-help with kinesiology online workshop.  Stay in touch.  Feel free to call me.  Let’s have a 20-min free zoom meeting where we can explore your options to stay safe with my support or with support from other sources.

Hug your pet!  Stay positive!

Grażyna Witkowska - Kinesiology and Hypnosis

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