Soul Fur-Mates

Date/Time: 6th September at 8:30pm to 9:30pm


Online – Meetup

Some of us believe in love from the first sight… Others might be a little more pragmatic when choosing their mates. After all, if one is making a commitment for life one better enters it not only with the love in their heart but also with the clarity that they can deliver on this commitment.

A lifelong commitment is particularly important when choosing a pet. So how do we know that we can last the distance? So many animals are surrounded to the shelters because their people find them incompatible with their own lifestyle, consider their upkeep too expensive, their character too noisy or too quiet….

Yes, even the greatest love from the first sight may fail if we can’t back it up with daily practical and loving actions.
So it does make sense to figure out first what animals would fit our lifestyle, what are our expectation from their temperament, what we would be able to offer and what we would find to be an unacceptable sacrifice.

In this meeting we will talk about this ‘unromantic’ aspect of deciding to get hitched for life or not – but not exclusively! I also want to talk about the love story in each relationship. Because the right relationship has both: compatibility and love.
Don’t forget to bring your animal love stories along – if you can, bring a photo or two.

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