Setting Up

Date/Time: 14th April 2020

7pm to 8pm


Online – Zoom

In this initial meeting I would like us to share what are our individual passions and what we want to see in our future. I will then outline the process I propose for the group that will enable us to move towards the individual and world-wide outcomes that we desire. Overwhelming? Perhaps. Needed? Yes. So, are you going to wait until someone else will give you directions how to live a good life in 2021? And do you really want to wait for the world to become a familiar place again before starting to figure out what to do?
Or would you rather be proactive and prepare now for the unknown future?! How can one prepare for the unknown future? I propose Scenario Planning to get us started.
Are you in?

Book your transformation!

Grażyna Witkowska - Kinesiology and Hypnosis

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