Reconnecting To Our Essence

By:  Grazyna Witkowska Date: 27th November 2019

I rarely remember dreams but one night I had the most wonderful dream and it was so vivid… I dreamed that I was a small baby, probably not yet being able to crawl.  I was outside with my parents, my mother was closest to me and my father was a little further on the other side of me.  We were under a large tree in a large field – it seemed we were in a countryside.  Both my parents were standing.  Someone passed by and started talking with my mum – a friendly talk like when two friends crossing paths stop to greet each other and exchange information.  I was sitting on the ground, looking up… I saw the blue sky through the branches of the tree.  As I moved my head the picture would dance with the light and colour.  I was mesmerised.  I absolutely loved the moment.


The next morning, I was talking with a friend trying to make sense out of this dream… trying to draw a guidance from it.  I knew one thing, for a small child the world would look so much different, so much full of wonder.  What I perceived in my dream through the eyes of a baby was so extremely beautiful.  I was telling my friend about the awe I felt seeing what I saw.  And I was marvelling over how beautiful the world could be… – if only looked at through such innocent eyes.  So why I have lost the ability to perceive the world in this way?  Why have I become jaded and cynical?  Why have I put different filters on my eyes?

I suddenly realised that the reason I could just melt into the beauty I was seeing as a baby was because I felt totally safe and protected.  My parents were there and the whole ambiance was idyllic, peaceful: the tree, the sky, the sun, the land around, the neighbour who was a friend… all that held me in this energetic bliss like in a cocoon.

Over time people disappoint us, betray us, hurt us.  We lose faith in people and in the machinations of the world.  It becomes too vulnerable to open up to the beauty less the world’s dread gushes through.

No wonder so many of us turn to animals for emotional reassurance….

Strange? No.  My friend’s husband once laughingly stated that his wife loves the family dog more than him.  Many young children get very attached to their pets, in fact, in dysfunctional families, a pet is often the rock that provides love and stability to the children.

This is not an isolated situation.  The researcher Daphne Shir Vertash in the Flexible Personhood: Loving Animals as Family Members in Israel (Shir-Vertesh, 2012) documented that people would often describe their relationship with their animals as:



They accept you unconditionally…


It gives me a sense of intimacy I don’t reach in my relations with human beings…


It is an opportunity to be completely free of defenses, masks, no matter what…

 With a friend like that by our side the world takes on a different expression.

Do you remember a moment when you might have been running your fingers through your cat’s lush coat… totally present in that moment.  Or perhaps you were laying on the verdant grass next your dog after a long walk…. feeling totally fulfilled, totally alive.


You might recall these as the moments when ‘time stood still’, that is you were completely in the moment…. If so – you were actually in trance.

That sense of being totally relaxed and at the same time very alert, is the hallmark of the alpha-brain frequency associated with the light trance.

And you probably already know from my previous blogs that in a trance state you have fuller access to all information held by, not only your Conscious Mind, but also by your Unconscious Mind.

You can invoke a trance state meditating, doing something repetitive like swimming laps, immersing yourself in a right brain activity like painting…

Or… you can hang with your pet – without expectations, without agenda.  Your animal will give you a sense of security that comes from being loved unconditionally and so you will be able to glean the world bathed in beauty that the baby of my dream saw.  And you will reconnect with that luminescent essence of you that gets forgotten in the hassle and bustle of the ordinary day.


And of course, if you feel you could do with extra oomph to reconnect with that ‘Essence of You’ and take the sting from the old memories and past traumas – book a session with me 🙂


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