I wholeheartedly recommend remote kinesiology sessions with Grażyna. What is kinesiology you can read on Grażyna’s website: www.bestversionsofus.com so, I won’t labour it here. Nevertheless, I thought that if someone has health or life problems, such as I had, asking: ‘what for?’, ‘but why?’, and ‘why do I feel this and don’t feel that?’ then – in my experience – kinesiology helps, straightens your thoughts and restores inner balance. Although Grażyna lives in Sydney, she also does remote sessions via the Internet, which nowadays is becoming a norm.

The effects were tangible to me. Although I belong to these rather “difficult”, insubordinate patients for whom it is hard to do all the homework – kinesiology sessions helped me a lot with all my ‘existential travails’ and with varied life situations. With a clear conscience I’d recommend Grażyna’s work.

Kasia Grabowska, Warszawa Poland