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Animals, like humans, are subject to the stresses of modern life, various aches and pains, and increasing stiffness as they age. They need our support to stay in the optimal physical and emotional health. Remember how they enjoy when you massage them or snuggle up to them?  By touching them gently and tenderly you are letting them know that you love them and you will take care of them.  And that in itself is therapeutic.

Kinesiology takes this therapeutic touch to a new level. By rebalancing energy and clearing energetic blocks it allows your animal to access their natural powers of recuperation and healing.

You might have already experienced the potency of energy medicine for yourself. Interestingly, animals tend to be even more responsive then humans to this mode of healing.


Please Note:

I prefer to have sessions booked via the phone. If you prefer to book online, you can do that for distant healing and sessions in Crows Nest. If booking online please book at least 48 hours ahead. If you need a session sooner or you want a home visit – please call Grazyna on 0415 29 83 83.

Kinesiology for Animals

Just like with people, kinesiology can be helpful to animals when dealing with physical and emotional issues.  So, if you are going on a trip, planning to move house, intending to extend your animal or human family – kinesiology can ease the anxiety of those changes for your animals and help them adjust.

When you notice subtle changes of mood for no apparent reason, when your animal suffers from the separation anxiety, when he starts peeing in all the wrong places, when you want to ease the discomfort of their old age stiffness – kinesiology will help.

While kinesiology is not a substitute for good veterinary care, it can be useful in providing first aid or supporting your animal through the convalescence.  And it is simply fantastic for resolving any emotional issue – which, as you might already know, are the source of many physical disorders.


At Best Versions of Us: 1.5h $150
Home visit: 1.5h $150

includes travel to homes up to 30km from Crows Nest, NSW

Distant healing: 1.5h $100

session performed using a surrogate, phone or zoom contact with the guardian compulsory for the first 3 sessions and recommended at any other time

Double Session - For You and Your Animal

Have you noticed how often people and their animals show the uncanny physical resemblance?... And you probably already know that when you are stressed your pet shows signs of stress (and vice versa).  When you are rushing they get jittery and confused.  When you are calm they seem to read your mind and follow your wishes with ease.  So, if your pet is suddenly misbehaving it may be because you are under increased stress.

The beauty of a combined session for you and your animal is 3-fold:

  • yours and your animal’s individual energies will be re-balanced and thus you both, independently, will experience a greater sense of wellbeing;
  • the undesirable behaviour (or state) will be defused and energetic direction mapped towards the preferred behaviour – and so, you will experience that new behaviour (or state) in your life from then on;
  • you and your animal will be able to re-connect to each other in deepened sense of trust and authenticity (because now, you both are operating from more balanced and more resilient level of being).

This is a truly exceptional experience!


Home visit: 2h $200

includes travel to homes up to 30km from Crows Nest, NSW

At Best Versions of Us: 2h $200
Distant healing: 2h $155

session performed using a surrogate, phone or zoom contact with the guardian compulsory for the first 3 sessions and recommended at any other time



Transference Healing

Transference Healing Techniques is an energy-based healing modality which has been channelled by Alexis Cartwright. It is as suitable for working humans and with animals. It can also be used with working with groups. So if you experience any frictions between animals in your extended family – consider using this modality.

This modality stands on its own and is never combined with other sessions.

In-Person or Distant Healing.

Full Transference Healing     1.5h     $150

Beyond Doorways L1            0.75h    $50

Messages from your Animal - Personal Session

Do you want assistance in communicating with your pet or another animal? I can help you by asking questions on your behalf and conveying animal responses.

Or you can deepen your own ability to communicate with animals – check out the workshops section.

Home Visit:                  1h       $100 (charged in 15min increments, minimum fee $60)

Distant Communication:      1h      $100 (charged in 15min increments)

Discounts available for Animal Activists and Animal Foster Carers

Get in tune with your pet

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