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I prefer to have sessions booked via the phone. If you prefer to book online, you can do that for distant healing and sessions in Crows Nest. If booking online please book at least 48 hours ahead. If you need a session sooner or you want a home visit – please call Grazyna on 0415 29 83 83.


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Kinesiology is a healing modality uniting the Eastern principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the Western practices of chiropractic and osteopathy. Chinese medicine recognizes that life-giving energy flows through channels called meridians. Kinesiology assesses the energy flows using ‘muscle testing’ and then applies a range of kinesiology techniques to re-balance person’s energy. When the energy balance is restored, the body is able to begin to restore the perfect balance of its physical, emotional and mental aspects. While kinesiology works with the subtle, energy levels the results are powerful and noticeable – often immediately – on the physical, emotional and mental levels.


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Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation. In a relaxed state we can access not only our Conscious Mind (our waking state awareness) but also our Unconscious Mind.  The Unconscious Mind is our powerful automatic helper responsible for out bodily processes such as breathing or heart beating.  It is also a large store of information.  In a relaxed state, such a hypnosis or meditation we are able to access the information that is well beyond what we can access consciously.  With the help of the Unconscious Mind we can utilise that vast information, stimulate our creativity and awaken our dormant inner resources.

Transference Healing

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“Transference Healing was channelled to support the anchoring of light, love, hope, unity and faith onto the planet. It is a divinely channelled teaching, healing and ascension modality that reconnects you to Spirit and enhances your own self-healing potential.”

– Alexis Cartwright

Personalised Consultation

People have been helped with kinesiology and with hypnosis to increase their energy and wellbeing, reduce stress, decrease pain and tension, improve relationships, or smooth the path towards their new goals. These two healing modalities work well together in producing desired results for you.

You might have a preference as to what modality you’d like to work with or you might let the practitioner to make a recommendation.

Call Grażyna on +61 415 29 83 83 for an appointment and inquiries.

At Best Versions of Us    1.5h     $150

At Best Versions of Us     2h       $200

Distant Healing                2h     $150

Double Session - For You and Your Animal

Have you noticed how often people and their animals show the uncanny physical resemblance?... And you probably already know that when you are stressed your pet shows signs of stress (and vice versa).  When you are rushing they get jittery and confused.  When you are calm they seem to read your mind and follow your wishes with ease.  So, if your pet is suddenly misbehaving it may be because you are under increased stress.

The beauty of a combined session for you and your animal is 3-fold:

  • yours and your animal’s individual energies will be re-balanced and thus you both, independently, will experience a greater sense of wellbeing;
  • the undesirable behaviour (or state) will be defused and energetic direction mapped towards the preferred behaviour – and so, you will experience that new behaviour (or state) in your life from then on;
  • you and your animal will be able to re-connect to each other in deepened sense of trust and authenticity (because now, you both are operating from more balanced and more resilient level of being).

This is a truly exceptional experience!


Home visit: 2h $200

includes travel to homes up to 30km from Crows Nest, NSW

At Best Versions of Us: 2h $200
Distant healing: 2h $155

session performed using a surrogate, phone or zoom contact with the guardian compulsory for the first 3 sessions and recommended at any other time



Transference Healing

Transference Healing Techniques is an energy-based healing modality which has been channelled by Alexis Cartwright. In Alexis words:  “Transference Healing was channelled to support the anchoring of light, love, hope, unity and faith onto the planet. It is a divinely channelled teaching, healing and ascension modality that reconnects you to Spirit and enhances your own self-healing potential.”

This modality stands on its own and is never combined with other sessions.

In-Person or Distant Healing.

Full Transference Healing     1.5h       $150

Beyond Doorways L1            0.75h      $50


Past Life Regression

Are you curious about why you do some strange things in this lifetime? Do you want to find out why you just can’t get on with this particular person? Or, perhaps you are curious how you could be helped in this life by some learnings in you past lives?…

The Past Life Regression session can help. In the session, as you relax into a soothing light trance, your Unconscious Mind will bring back the images, feeling, or sounds that provide clues to the issues you want to resolve. These could be the authentic images from your past life or the symbolic images through which your Unconscious Mind provides answers for you. Either way the experience will allow you to look at your life differently and have new choices at your disposal.

At Best Versions of Us       1.5h       $150

Distant Session                   1.5h       $110

One More Person In Your Corner

Do you ever get frustrated because ‘life gets in the way’ of your dreams and plans? Or perhaps, you find yourself procrastinating on your dream project because you are not sure how to move forward? Or maybe, you simply feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the task at hand?

You probably already know that that you would move forward with greater ease if you knew that someone reliable had your back.

I imagine, you already have supportive individuals in your circle. And they might come in different costumes – that is some might have fur and whiskers. And if feels great to have them. Rocky Balboa had Adrian – his great love. And he also had Paul, ‘Paulie’, his coach.

You might be lucky enough to have Adrian in your life – but do you have Paulie? Someone reliable ‘in your corner’: someone who will give you the support and encouragement to pursue your dreams, someone who will help you to pace yourself, keep to a clear plan, measure your progress, and celebrate your wins?

If you are looking for a coach who will support you to win the battles of your life – give me a call so we can discuss whether we could form such successful partnership as Rocky and Paulie.

With me you can count on A1 support combining positive psychology to keep you motivated, energy healing to dissolve internal sabotage programs, project planning experience to ensure you have clear and achievable plan of action.

Moreover, if you game, we can also enlist animals to come up with extra support. How? Well, you will need to call me to find out. 

The number to call: 0415 29 83 83 for 20 min free consultation.

Discounts available for Animal Activists and Animal Foster Carers

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