This online workshop consists of two parts. You can do just Part 1 as an introduction to energy healing or you can do both parts and begin applying a whole range of healing techniques to your animal: directly or at the distance.

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Part 1: Introduction to Energy Healing (3h)

13 August 2022 12 noon-3pm – introduction to energy healing and meridians

Part 2: Expanded Energy Healing (9h)

20 August 2022 12 noon-3pm – kinesiology technique

27 August 2022 12 noon-3pm – more techniques and more practice

10 September 2022 12 noon-3pm – surrogate protocol and questions

Everyday Animal Healing Skills

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Learn energy healing techniques and apply them to help pets, wild animals, and… other people.

Animals are precious. We provide them with safe home, good food, exercise, and lots of love. Could we do any better? How about some energy healing work?

Our animals – just like us – can succumb to the stress and anxiety of our modern live. Energy healing techniques can be easily applied and have the power to reduce stress and stress induce illness and behaviour. It can be applied as a regular tune-up, to change specific physical or emotional patterns, or to prepare your animal for upcoming stressful evens such as moving house or introducing a new family member.

In this workshop you will learn well tested Kinesiology, Acupressure and T-Touch techniques to support your animals in illness, old age, and through times of distress – such as, moving house, changing the makeup of your family, dealing with separation anxiety, or easing disharmony between existing animals.

The techniques learned in this workshop can be applied to our pets, to wild animals, and to other humans.

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Grażyna Witkowska - Kinesiology and Hypnosis

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