Dreams, Unconscious Mind, and Hypnosis

Date/Time: Tuesday 11th October from 7pm-9pm

Location: Online

Investment: $31.20

Learn how to use your Unconscious Mind, dreams, and self-hypnosis to bring forth greater creativity, wellbeing, and authenticity.

Do you want to boost your creativity? Do you want to get in tune with your intuition? Do you want to increase your physical and emotional wellbeing? All that is possible when you build a familiar relationship with your Unconscious Mind. And one way to communicate with your Unconscious Mind is through hypnosis.

In this workshop you will:

– learn about the Unconscious Mind and how it differs from the Conscious Mind;

– appreciate the important role the Unconscious Mind plays in your life;

– learn how to open up the communication with your Unconscious Mind to achieve desired results;

– experience a brief hypnosis session;

– learn about self-hypnosis and how you can begin to work with it immediately.

During the workshop you will be experiencing hypnosis processes and thus it is important that you stay on camera. You might also like to have a glass of water close by.

And, of course, do remove anything from your environment that could disturb you during this session.

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Grażyna Witkowska - Kinesiology and Hypnosis

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