Dealing with Separation Anxiety – Introduction

Date/Time: Saturday 22nd October from 3pm-4pm

Location: Online

Investment: $20.98

Does your dog whines when you  leave home? Does  your heart break? Would you like to change it? It is easier than you think! 

Separation anxiety is a common problem in the human-dog families. Many people tried various approaches and techniques – often without success. And yet the problem is not difficult to shift. If you want to succeed and are willing to do the work, this class will give you tools and straegies to do it.

In this session we will:

– outline the 3 strategies that have to be applied together to create required synergies;

– learn basic processes and skills for working in each of these 3 strategic areas;

– understand the importance of the order and timing of these processes;

– explore the possible implementation of these in the specific participnats’ circumstances in our Q&A session.

Wouldn’t it be good to help your dog to stay relaxed and calm when left alone? And… wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leave the house – guilt free – and enjoy your time with your human companions? Would you agree that that would make for much happier life all around?

If you agree… then this class if for you. And if you have specific questions or concerns you can email them before the class to [email protected] 

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Grażyna Witkowska - Kinesiology and Hypnosis

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