Chick Chat Club: Best Chicken Food

Date/Time: 21/9

Open Forum



The best diet to keep chickens happy, healthy and beautiful!

Chickens raised by hens learn what is good to eat and what is not. Sadly, now-a-days we often get little ‘orphan’ chicks hatched in incubators. They will peck at different foods and eat what they given and we, their human guardians, will have a big role to play to make sure they eat what is most beneficial for them.

Yes, you can buy a quality chicken feed and let them forage in the garden and they will do well. But if you want to explore finer points about what would make a healthy and fun diet for your chickens – join us for this meeting.

We will talk about:

  • grains, pellets, scratching mixes and mash
  • fruits and vegies
  • poisonous foods
  • bread
  • special treats
  • and a feeding routine

Do bring your questions and I will attempt to address them.

And do share your own experiences of what your chickens love and how they doing on different foods.

See you in September!

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