Chick Chat Club: Energy Healing

Date/Time: 19/10

Open Forum



Have you ever experienced energy healing – such as kinesiology or acupuncture? Did you know that animals can greatly benefit from energy healing? Do you want to find out some techniques you can use at home?

And yes, chickens can also benefit from energy healing. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we are all energy, and this energy flows through our meridians. When the energy is balanced and flowing freely all is well and our bodies and minds have the innate capacity to stay resilient in the face of external stressors. When the energy flow in the meridians is blocked we lose that capacity. With time, what we experienced as stress may turn into physical deterioration. So, the earlier we detect and resolve energetic blockages the better we can maintain our health and joy of life. And all that can be achieved with a simple energy routine. Just as you take regular showers to keep your body clean – you can employ regular energy cleansing routine to keep the energy blockages at bay.

And since the focus of Chick Chat meetings is on chickens we will talk about the specific routines especially useful for chickens… but don’t despair, you can use all of those also to maintain your own energy hygiene.

Join us and find out how you and your pet could help each other to stay healthy on all levels!

As the name of the meeting suggests, it is a ‘chat’ so your questions, ideas and opinions are welcomed and valued.

See you in October!


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