Chick Chat Club: Free-Range Eggs

Date/Time: 17/8

Open Forum



What does it mean free-range eggs and are all free-range eggs the same….

When you choose free-range eggs do you think these eggs came from chickens who go out foraging in a green grass every day? Do you picture them scratching for worms and chasing after butterflies?

In this session I will provide a brief history of free-range egg farming in Australia as well as talk about some practicalities, such as:

  • what is ‘stocking rate’ (number of hens per hectare) and how it affects the welfare of the chickens
  • how you can find out the stocking rate and have more choice over what you are buying regardless whether you buying your eggs from the market or supermarket
  • does it matter what types of chickens are used in free-range production?
  • are organic always free-range?
  • what is ‘open-range’ and how it has appeared in response to the new free-range legislation…

And more.

Bring in your questions or just come with an open mind.

And yes, you can bring your own comments and reflections on the matter.

Catch you soon!

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