Chick Chat Club: Chickens’ Home

Date/Time: 20/4

Open Forum



How to create an ultimate home for our chicken pets

When we get a pet, we – generally – want to offer them a very comfortable living space and healthy lifestyle. Living with pets has a great potential to enrich our lives and bring us more happiness. But we also need to make sure that our own lifestyle remains comfortable. 

So how could we create a beautiful home for our chickens that makes them and us delighted?

In this session we will talk about choices of chicken coops and chicken comfort in their sleeping quarters. We will explore what they need to feel safe in a garden and consider how we can make sure that we also get a fair share of our outdoor space.

Do bring all your questions. You might also like to bring photographs of your chickens or your yard. Let’s share the knowledge and delight our chickens 🙂

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