Cats Rule…

Date/Time: 16th August at 8:30pm to 9:30pm


Online – Meetup

Once upon the time I was drawn to an item in a shop window. It was a poster with many lines comparing dogs and cats. I only managed to remember one line. It was “Cats rule. Dogs drool.”

No, it’s not a put down for the dogs – they do have a kind of sweet propensity to look at their people as if they were the most delicious thing in the world.

Have you seen the Garfield cartoons? That’s what I mean, Garfield and Oddie see the world, and act in the world, in very different ways.

But in this meeting l want to focus on the relationships we have with cats. I want to expand on questions like:
– What are the distinguishing cat traits and behaviours?

– How can we create the most successful relationships with cats? 

– How do they communicate with us?

– Can cats perform tricks? How do we teach them?

Join us and bring your stories about cats to share!

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