Can you feel what he feels?

By:  Grazyna Witkowska Date: 7th June 2019

So many people I meet remember the Britain’s Got Talent ‘Magician’… that episode when a masked person invited the hosts to participate in an experiment designed to show how we are all connected. Not sure what I am talking about? – check it out here:

Inspired by that episode and during my recent NLP Master Practitioner training we decided to do an experiment of our own. I volunteered together with a guy whom I just met a day before, Mark. Our trainer was to be the facilitator of the experiment. He instructed us to sit opposite each other, look into each other’s eyes, build rapport, and generally intend to ‘connect’ with each other. Then our facilitator asked me to feel a feeling of my choice and observe where in my body it is located. A minute or so later he asked Mark to tell the group what feeling he was sensing and where in his body this feeling seemed to be located. Mark named the feeling and the location perfectly. Amazing! (I suspect I would be sceptical about this amazing result if I wasn’t a key part of the experiment).

How many times has a friend called and you answered with: “Oh, I was just thinking about you! How did you know to call?” This happens to me a lot.

Modern physics tells us that we are all a form of the same energetic fabric of the Universe blinking in and out of material existence.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also tells us that we are all energy – our physical, mental, emotional aspects are all energy – energy that flows through our meridians.

When, as a kinesiologist, I use a person to surrogate for an animal I rely on the possibility of making a connection between the person that surrogates and the animal that is being balanced with kinesiology. It has to happen with permission and I use muscle testing to request such permission and verify that it was granted. It is easy to demonstrate that this is what really happens, that I am able to use the body of the surrogate to do muscle testing and corrections as if I were working directly on the animal they are surrogating for.

So why do I get so surprised when a ‘Magician’, like the one on Britain’s Got Talent demonstrates our ubiquitous connectedness? Is that simply the matter of the protocol? I trust protocols that I have tested and experienced as repeatable. And I am sceptical about other protocols – curious but sceptical. And this is this innate curiosity that allows us to expand our understanding of the world and opens us to the opportunities around us.

Being reminded that we are all connected and that we can choose to connect to others at will was important to me. I remember how my horse-riding instructor would tell me to have very clearly in my mind what I want my horse to do. I didn’t consider that strange. And I didn’t find it unbelievable when Steve Irvin was saying that at times he would know there was ‘trouble’ in his zoo and he would get up in the middle of the night, go to the zoo, and find out that the crocks were fighting.

One of the processes I do is connecting a person with an animal and asking for this animal’s perspective to help resolve an issue that, to-date, has been stubbornly evading a resolution. This process includes hypnotic induction that brings about a meditation-like state, and people have had some amazing insights from this process. But did people actually talk to the animals? Did animals offer them wisdom beyond their own?

Personally, I would answer ‘yes’ to both questions. But I would usually explain the mechanism of how this process worked by emphasising the role of the hypnotic process to facilitate our access to our Unconscious Mind. And this too is also true. Moreover, a large number of people are familiar with meditative processes (for example the interest in mindfulness techniques) and are acquainted with the Unconscious Mind as responsible for 95% of all our bodily processes and actions (not least our continuing to breathe). For these reasons I choose to use the concepts that are better understood and accepted in order to explain the mysterious process by which animals seem able to direct our minds towards the solution that has been eluding us.

I thought that if I were to say that one actually connects to the essence of a particular animal, or say that one connects to the archetype of this animal type – people would dismiss it as a kind of hocus-pocus.

And it took the Britain’s Got Talent ‘Magician’ for me to be willing to say so. Sure, this connection may be brokered through the Unconscious Mind but it still would involve a specific and unique perspective of the animal that in this process became a conduit to a new perspective and a new awareness.

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