Can we talk to animals? Why wouldn’t we?

Date/Time: 27th August at 7pm to 9pm


Online – Meetup

Have you ever wanted to talk to your pet?… Or perhaps you wanted to exchange greeting with a kangaroo you met on your bush-walk?
Have you wondered what they might say, what they might like to talk about?
What if I told you that they can help you solve your problems?

In my workshops, I witnessed people being given advice and encouragement from animals they haven’t even met in person. Different people asked different questions. Some asked about matters personal, some about their business decision, others still – about relating to animals. Each and every individual got an answer that made perfect sense to them.

Are you curious whether this is possible? Are you curious what answer you might get to a persistent issue that you are trying to overcome?

Join us for this short 2-hour workshop and find out for yourself how possible it can be. In this workshop you will:

  • Experience this gentle and invigorating process where animals always come up with new and relevant insights for you;
  • Learn the theory behind this unique technique;
  • Experience how an animal can reveal to you the information that you were not consciously aware of;
  • Explore how you can apply your new guidance to your immediate issue;
  • Observe how that process empowers you and raises your confidence.

Discover the ever-present support of animals and connect with the like-minded people. Set your intention for the highest good. Build up your resourcefulness. Increase your confidence. And most of all – savour the joy of the experience.

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Grażyna Witkowska - Kinesiology and Hypnosis

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