Our modern, fast moving world is filled with stress… but some of us know that our animals can create for us a sanctuary where we can breathe with ease, de-stress, and grow into better and happier versions of ourselves.

There have been many studies conducted about how being in a presence of an animal (especially familiar animal) can reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol in the blood, or elevate the ‘happiness hormones’: serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin.

In this respect animals are looking after us extremely well in this era of fast living. And as a professional kinesiologist who focuses on helping animals I get to meet a lot of people who, in turn, do their very best to keep their animals at the optimum physical and emotional health.

And there are many issues to think through when one is looking after an animal.

A little while ago I started a Meet Up group in Adelaide “Animals and Us: Intellectual and Philosophical Explorations”. We connect via zoom and explore our views about various animal related issues. It’s not about what is right or wrong. Rather, it is about providing information and exploring different perspectives. In turn, that exploration is to help each individual to choose for themselves what path they want to follow – be it an existing path, or a path that they will create themselves. A path that is tailored to fit this individual’s cosmology and their sense of morality.

Through these blogs I want to share my knowledge and my reflections on different topics. And I am looking forward to hear your views.

Can you feel what he feels

Can you feel what he feels

So many people I meet remember the Britain’s Got Talent ‘Magician’… that episode when a masked person invited the hosts to participate in an experiment designed to show how we are all connected.

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