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My name is Grażyna Witkowska and I am a practicing kinesiologist, hypnotherapist and trainer.

I work with people and animals and I am particularly passionate about supporting those who are working towards creating a greater respect and appreciation for animals on our planet.

I guess I loved animals ever since I was a child – but then again, most children form easy bonds with animals.  It is as if there is this universal language of all living things – and children and animals know it.  Such a pity we too often forget it later in life.  I did.

When it came to choosing a career I first chose computing rather than theoretical biology.  I thought, this would be a practical path to supporting myself in life.  I liked computing and I allowed myself to partly forget about how much I liked being with animals.  Well, I still loved them and still had pets but somehow my early childhood concept of animals as our partners in life got diluted by the prevailing ethos of my grown-up environment that animals are just an accessory in a human life.

Until one day… I had a sudden flash of inspiration.  At the time I was studying Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney (UWS).  I started the course to better understand the dynamic between people – particularly in the context of implementing complex computer solutions.

While studying at UWS, I spent time at their Richmond campus.  Also, at Richmond, there was UWS’s school of Agriculture, with their orchards and their farm animals.  All that reminded me of my childhood spent on my grandmother’s farm surrounded by animals and being sensitive to our connection to the land.   We also, on occasions, would make trips to the National Park nearby and conduct our classes there.  I remember these classes fondly, immersing in the natural environment would change the pulse of my body, the flow of my ideas, and the unfolding of our learnings. 

All those experiences of relating not only to people but also to animals and to Nature at large must have awaken something in me.  Because when it came to my last year when I needed to choose what subject I wanted to research, this is when this sudden flash of inspiration hit me.  And before I could consider what I ‘should’ do, I found myself saying: “I’d like to research a question: What skills and attitudes are helpful in creating and sustaining human-animal partnerships”.

To my surprise the teachers didn’t want to expel me.  In fact – surprise, surprise – they were interested.  They said it was a ‘post human research’.  And as I started to search the literature to prepare for my own research, I discovered the world of hundreds and hundreds of people from different academic disciplines contributing to that new field of knowledge.  I was thrilled.  And I was disappointed because my family and my friends still thought the most this animal business could be good for, was to be Grażyna’s ‘little’ eccentric hobby.

It took me a few years to figure out what I wanted to do, to feed my courage to do it, and to do it despite the strange looks and strange comments from those who were closest to me.  I must say, the hardest thing for me at the outset of my new career was overcoming my sense of betraying the expectations of people closest to me about who I was supposed to be.

Yes, they were disappointed.  And yes, most of them eventually forgave me.  And funnily enough, some even claim that they were always supportive. 🙂

Today, I focus on helping people and animals to claim and boldly embrace the fullness of themselves and to mutually support each other along the way.  We all, on one level or another, long to be truly ourselves, to fulfil our potential, and to contribute to creating a better world – that is: to live from the ‘best version of ourselves’.  Me too!

‘Best Versions of Us’ is the name of my business and my life motto. It reflects my dedication to enabling humans and non-humans to evolve into better and better versions of themselves: to maintain their high level of physical and emotional wellbeing, to exercise their intrinsic right to develop their full potential, to be authentically themselves, and to bestow their unique gifts onto the world.

My key clients are animals, their guardians, and all who are working (directly and indirectly) towards improved wellbeing for animals.


  • Transference Healing – Practitioner and Teacher (Alexis Cartwright)
  • Master Practitioner in Specialised Kinesiology (The MindBody College)
  • Touch For Health Instructor (The MindBody College)
  • Diploma in Modern Hypnotherapy: Master Practitioner Hypnosis, Hypnosis Instructor (The MindBody College)
  • Practitioner NLP and Timeline Therapy (Neuroads)
  • EFT Practitioner (The MindBody College)
  • Master of Arts (Wisdom Studies), Ubiquity University, USA
  • Master of Education (Social Ecology), University of Western Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science (Computing), University of Technology in Sydney


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Grażyna Witkowska - Kinesiology and Hypnosis

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