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For Your Animal

Watch your pet thrive as you support them with regular kinesiology ‘tune-ups’.

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A falling drop ripples the pond.  Add potency to the ripples you make in the world by learning how to support yourself with kinesiology and hypnosis.


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For You

Improve your vitality and health, enhance your relationships and kick those goals with the power of kinesiology and hypnosis.


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What my clients say!

Robert – Testimonial

In a session of kinesiology with Grazyna I felt that my body was bringing to consciousness things that had been evaded. This brought about a feeling of discomfort, by which I mean that it was a necessary discomfort in that what was being experienced was something previously blocked. The session was a means by which I was being prompted to address things that, for whatever reason, I had on some level decided to avoid. In the short term, then, the result was discomfort, but in the long term the result is one of a deeper knowledge of myself and a contribution to psychic healing.

Robert NSW

Tony – Testimonial

I really enjoyed your work and your non-human approach. It reminds me of a thing I often refer to when I do work with clients in improvisation; our ability to ‘disengage logic’. In other words how do we operate when our instincts, our imagination, our body come together to guide us and shape our communication.

I particularly enjoyed your exercise in channelling our animal. The ability to inform our meditation with an animal companion is wonderful. In my case it provided some strong insights and reminders how the animal kingdom is so successful without the complexity and anxiety we have weaved into human existence.

Sydney NSW

Anne – Testimonial

Grazyna has helped me to clear some emotions that were holding me back with regards to my business. I felt very comfortable with her, and she helped me to feel at very inspired again. I’d highly recommend Grazyna for hypnosis and Time Line techniques.

Sydney NSW

Nuray – Testimonial

Grazyna is a caring , nurturing soul to both people and animals. For her there is no difference. She has an amazing ability to connect with animals and get into their vibrational fields and sense their distress, unhappiness.

One episode was when she came to my place she sensed my bird (Snowflake’s) unhappiness. If it wasn’t for Grazyna I wouldn’t even notice it. Indeed Snowflake was unhappy after we had left her with a friend for a week when we were away on holiday.

Grazyna not only sensed this but through her lateral thinking also proposed to do a Kinesiology balance on Snowflake using surrogate technique. Snowflake felt much better after the balance , this was noticeable. Thank you Grazyna for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Sydney NSW

Rob – Testimonial

I was suffering severe insomnia – a friend suggested I try kinesiology and recommended Grazyna – I was initially a sceptic but after 3 consultations am now sleeping very well – and no pills!!!

Gosford NSW

Grażyna Witkowska - Kinesiology and Hypnosis

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